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The Study in Germany

Assist begins its career with the students form their mother countries: It receives, studies their files then discusses it with them and answer all their questions .Moreover, it help them in preparing their files to apply the embassy.

Assist relies on different system from the similar companies. Namely, the distribution of the students in the different states in Germany based on the difference in the need of the different specialties as well as the different lows from one state to another.

The study of language

Assist offers to its students language courses A1.A2.B1.B2.C1 through enrolling them at the best German language institutes .And, it will follow then linguistically until they reach the required linguistic level to be able to enroll in the German universities.

German Universities

German universities are considered one of the best and the most modern universities in the world. In addition to that, the study at German universities is almost free in which the semester fee ranges from 150 to 250 euro per semester.

On behalf of it students, Assist communicate with the universities where enrolls them to get whether the enrollment or the university admission.


The company’s services for enrolled in the study program

Our services start with the students from their mother countries: we answer all their questions help them in preparing their files to the embassy, and we provide all the necessary papers like: the enrollment of language courses, to ensure the accommodation booking, and the university admission.

Assist provides hostels close to the language institutes to its students, it pick them up when they come to Germany and it takes them to their accommodations. And to facilitate to its students their academic career, Assist accompanies them to the municipality in which it registers them and it shows them their languages institutes. Moreover, it helps them to get their transport cards and SIM cards.

Assist offers to its students the medical insurance and accompanies them to renew their visas.

Assist will follow it students until they reach the required linguistic level to be able to enroll at the German universities.

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